Ms. Carol Zelkin, IMCCA Executive Director

As Executive Director of the International Multimedia and Collaborative Communications Alliance (IMCCA), Carol Zelkin’s wealth of experience and record of success have enabled her to help grow the non-profit industry trade association to its full potential.  Her strong background in telecommunications as an Executive Board Member of the International Teleconferencing Association (ITCA), as well as serving as its President for two years, positioned her to play a key role in the formation and on-going management of the IMCCA.

In her role as the IMCCA Executive Director, Ms. Zelkin is responsible for the Alliance’s industry relations, strategic planning, business development and international relations and business development.  She has been successful in negotiating agreements with various related organizations, both nationally and internationally, which help to further the value of the IMCCA to its members.

Ms. Zelkin’s credentials as an industry leader were formed during her time at Optel, a teleconferencing company she co-founded, as well as in her various capacities with the ITCA.  She has expansive knowledge of the technology and a solid skill set of financial and marketing expertise.