Ms. Anne Hardwick, Treasurer

Anne is a founding board member of the IMCCA and has been active in the conferencing and collaborative communications industry since 1980.   After two years as a video field photographer for the Richmond, Virginia CBS affiliate, she went on to the Chamber of Commerce in Washington, D.C. working in their state of the art video production facility and participating in early national and international video conferencing events, as well the first season of the Larry King Show and other nationally syndicated programs.
After joining the Virginia Department of Information Technology in 1984 as the Manager for Teleconferencing and Media Services, Anne managed and expanded the Commonwealth’s early adoption of audio conferencing for administrative meetings and distance learning, as well as managing the installation and operation of the agency’s cutting edge video conferencing/production studio.  Anne was instrumental in the development and deployment of numerous other audio and video teleconferencing initiatives throughout the state.

Anne retired from the Commonwealth of Virginia in 2008 and continues to be active in various aspects of the industry through consulting and continued participation in key professional associations.  She also continues to be active in the operation of a historic restaurant she has owned with her husband for 25 years.